COLLEGE OF THE BARBS - (Pradeltorno, Turin, Italy)

Waldensian Center, operating on and off since 2007, is a training program which implements the principles of true education as set forth in the Scriptures and magnified in the writings of Ellen White; in its methods, subjects, motivation, teachers, etc. It offers an all round mental, physical and spiritual training course that can be completed in about one year, preparing the student for the joy of service in this life and the higher joy of wider service in the world to come. It follows in the steps of the ancient Italian Piedmont Mountains' waldensian training school for their "Barbs" (pastors/missionaries), and schools of the early 1900s, such as Avondale College (in Australia), and Madison College (in Madison, Tenn. USA) which sought to implement the blueprint of education spoken of above, in offering an industrial, agricultural, academic, medical, and Gospel missionary training.

We are experiencing a small window of liberty, in some cases allowing people to travel in the Philippines domestically without defiling their bodies. And so, after a short trial of having a fully online training, we are postponing our online training program while we restart our onsite training while it remains possible.